Lino Bortolozzi
Marketing Manager

Lino Bortolozzi is an italian Manager with over 20 years experience with the competence in managing budgets of millions of euros.

Expert of Marketing and Communication with over 20 years experience.

I'm Lino Bortolozzi, I have a consolidated experience in the field of direction and coordination of the marketing in medium/large companies.

I am part of the great Prodeco Pharma family, an Italian company of phytotherapeutic medicine that operates in the Italian, Spanish and German markets.

I worked at a structured company as Gottardo SpA in the role of Marketing and Communication Manager, that owns more than 600 stores under the brand Acqua & Sapone and Tigotà, managing the advertising, promotional campaigns and the overall image of these signs.

During the many years of experience held at another communication company and as owner of a company that was in charge of Commercial Art, Communication and Marketing I learned all the techniques of design, development and care of the advertising campaigns. I have knowledge of the web and of the digital marketing, managing daily advertising campaigns through the social media and the classic advertising through search engines, through promotional campaigns on Adwords and natural positioning through the use of SEO techniques in which I have good command.

Complete my profile the competence in managing budgets of millions of euros and the capacity of coordination of all the marketing department.

Senior Marketing
Prodeco Pharma S.r.l.

Treviso: December 2018 – present

Prodeco Pharma, ethical by nature, was established in 1988. The idea was to create an enterprise that could be useful both for anyone wishing to benefit from its healthcare products and approaches, as well as for professionals that would join and form part of a company offering a corporate model in which each and everyone can find personal and professional satisfaction and fulfillment.

Over the first decade, Prodeco Pharma started producing and marketing its own range of products, gaining increasing experience and competence while establishing the exact characteristics that each product would need to embody.

Head of Marketing and Communications
PH Enterprise S.p.A.

Venice: February 2015 – December 2018

Financial Holding Company

Marketing Director
Anybusiness S.r.l.

Padua: January 2012 – December 2014

The company's mission is to offer advanced services aimed to competitive developing and business improvement. The core activity of Anybusiness is to think and realize projects startup, of activity and relocations. Starting from the idea of business Anybusiness performs feasibility analysis, the realization of the financial and operational project and the launch or the same, dealing with all the essential and complementary aspects.

Head of Marketing and Communications
Gottardo S.p.A.

Padua: January 2010 – January 2012

Gottardo S.p.A. It is the leading company in Italy in the sale of products for the care of the house, of the person and of articles of perfumery and make-up.
With a presence throughout the country with over 520 sales points, 2 brands and more than a million weekly visitors in its stores, it is a solid, dynamic and growing, with about 50 openings of new stores a year.

  • Planning, coordination and realization of the advertising image for Acqua&Sapone and Tigotà brands owned by Gottardo S.p.A with over 520 owned stores
  • Research, negotiations and contracts with suppliers for: Advertising, printing, gadgets, private label
  • Research of new marketing trends at GDO level
  • POP material management
  • Collaborators management
  • Participation in fairs and events

Head of Marketing and Communications
Xtragroove S.r.l.

Padua: September 2007 – December 2009

Digital Business Agency.

  • Website design and creation
  • Design and implementation of creative advertising
  • Design and implementation of coordinated images and multimedia presentations
  • Research and development of advertising campaigns
  • Negotiations and contacts with top customers
  • Verification and approval of the work done by the team
  • Collaborators management
  • Study of the field (latest trends, competitors, developing techniques)
  • Participation in fairs and events

Owner - Studio Ellebit
Padua: January 2000 – September 2007

Consultant, creative, advertising designer.

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