Lino Bortolozzi

Lino Bortolozzi

Marketing Manager
at Xtragroove S.r.l.

Xtragroove S.r.l. is a digital Business Agency since 1999

Lino Bortolozzi worked for Xtragroove in the 2007, 2008, 2009 with the following tasks:

  1. Website design and creation
  2. Design and implementation of creative advertising
  3. Design and implementation of coordinated images and multimedia presentations
  4. Research and development of advertising campaigns
  5. Negotiations and contacts with top customers
  6. Verification and approval of the work done by the team
  7. Collaborators management
  8. Study of the field (latest trends, competitors, developing techniques)
  9. Participation in fairs and events

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Marketing Manager at Xtragroove S.r.l.


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